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Temperatures above normal in these days of autumn in Kashmir

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


There is a lot of change in the temperature patterns especially these days as the temperatures are remaining above normal in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir.

According to the experts the day temperature during the month of September remains above the normal and the trend is continuing. Kashmir is witnessing very hot days though during the morning and evening there is a dip in temperature.

Although there were some days of respite when the rains lashed many parts of Kashmir, even the speed and the quantum of those rainfalls was different then what it used to be during the month of September.

Weather is showing awkward patterns in Kashmir valley and most of the experts are attributing it to climate change. There have been a lot of changes in the pattern of rainfall, sunshine and in the normal temperatures in the past few months and there is no respite for the common people from such uncertain weather conditions.

Two aged persons beat the heat in Srinagar on Thursday by having ice cream on the roadside. There has been a rise in the temperatures during the month of September and the trend continues.

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