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After Witnessing Static Fresh Covid-19 Cases Rate, India Sees Sharpest Dip

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After seeing a static trend of daily Covid-19 cases for the past 20 days where daily logging of around 25-35k was seen, the number of cases reported daily drastically came down to 18,000 on Monday.

On September 18, 30,773 fresh cases were reported which fluctuated for 10 days and came down to 18,795 today.

What experts feared as the beginning trends of the third wave with over 40 thousand cases being registered daily a couple of weeks ago, the cases have started to come down now. From 30,773 cases on September 18, the number persisted at around 30,000 for two days and around 26,000 for the next two and then back up again at almost 32 thousand on September 22nd. But from September 23, 2021, they started falling again and steeped to 26k within 3 days. The cases took the sharpest dive yesterday while recording just 18,795 ones making it the lowest count of fresh cases in 201 days. As of Tuesday, September 28th, active cases stand at 2,92,206 (the lowest in 192 days) and the recovery rate at 97.81%. while 18,795 fresh cases have been reported.

At the peak of the second wave, cases as high as 4,14,188 new ones, were being recorded daily. At that time, only 2.2% of the population was fully vaccinated and around 10% jabbed with the first dose. However, around 46.2% of the people have received their first dose now and 16.4% have been fully vaccinated. Most of the experts believe that the third wave is set to hit India in the month of October and have expressed concerns about India’s preparedness for it.


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