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Paddy is getting ready in the fertile valley of Lolab

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Poets have praised the beauty of Lolab valley and also its gushing waters which form the part of its being beautiful and also having the fertile soil for the paddy and other crops.

Lolab valley has a lot of paddy fields and also the fruit orchards apart from a huge number of walnut trees. This valley is having in its lap a lot of potential for the paddy and other crops and people living in this beautiful valley are dependent upon the income of horticulture and agriculture.

Though Lolab valley has huge potential for tourism, most of the places have yet to come on the tourism map and most of the tourists while coming to Kashmir valley skip the beautiful Lolab valley.

In absence of tourism the local villagers of Lolab are waiting for the paddy and fruits to be procured by the traders so that they get the money on time as it is a tradition in the farmers that after the bounties of autumn they go for the marriage ceremonies to celebrate the season of plenty.

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