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Receding waters in river Jhelum pose threat to houseboats

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


In the autumn season receding waters in the river Jhelum have made all the houseboats especially from Zero Bridge to Lal Chowk vulnerable to get some defect as many of them sank in the recent past causing a lot of damages to these boats.

Many of the families who are living in these boats all along the river Jhelum especially in the Srinagar city are facing this threat that the water may enter the boat.

The Chattabal Veer was designed by the engineers of earlier times in such a manner that during the autumn season when the water levels used to be very low in the river Jhelum it used to keep the waters inside the Jhelum bed especially in Srinagar city.

Chattabal Veer can be used this time also to keep the healthy levels of water in the river Jhelum so that these houseboats are not damaged and the families living with them are not forced to pitch tents on the riverfront to survive with the families.

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