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Dr. Farooq Abdullah appeal LG Sinha to provide security to panchayat members

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


PAGD chief Dr. Farooq Abdullah appealed to LG Sinha that he should provide security to all those people who stand for the country and are the target of militants.

He said that in particular the government of Jammu and Kashmir should protect the panchayat members as many of them have been killed in the recent past.

He also regretted the decision of his party to boycott the panchayat polls and predicted that very soon there would be an elected government in Jammu and Kashmir which will make the bureaucracy accountable to the people.

He said that most of the time the officers of JK administration do not pick up the phones of the people and they should change this attitude and listen to the people and their grievances.

According to PTI while reporting the utterances of Farooq Abdullah it said in its news report, the National Conference had not participated in the panchayat polls held in September 2018 and also boycotted the Block Development Council (BDC) polls held in 2019 after the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

Speaking at the parliamentary outreach programme for strengthening Parliamentary Raj Institutions (PRIs), Abdullah exuded confidence that soon a government will be formed in J&K which will make officials answerable to people.

Requesting Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, who was present on the dais, for providing security to panchayat leaders, Abdullah said they are being targeted by terrorists.

“The politicians who are standing with the country are the target of the terrorists and it is for the country to protect them,” he said.

Talking about local polls held in September 2018, the National Conference leader said, “I regret that my party didn’t participate in panchayat polls”.

Abdullah expressed his anguish that government officials of the Jammu and Kashmir administration “don’t pick phones as if some ghost is hanging upon them .

He requested Sinha to instruct officials to answer phone calls of people.

“Soon a government will be formed in Jammu and Kashmir which will make government officials answerable to the people,” Abdullah said.

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