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Apple traders of Ganderbal appeal government to intervene as there is no market for their produce

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By: Marvi Majeed VOV


With very little demand for Kashmiri apples in many markets, the apple traders and the orchardists are waiting for the government to intervene to lift their produce as there is no apparent market for them to sell their produce.

Due to the difficulties of apple trade related to Ganderbal district, apples are ready but there is no demand in the markets of the country. The district of Ganderbal is full of apple orchards, but they are concerned that the government is silent on the Jammu and Kashmir market intervention this time as there is no demand for Kashmiri apples in the outside markets at present.

In the last two years, the government has protected the apple orchardists from the financial reverses in district Ganderbal by Market Intervention scheme. Apple traders and landowners have jointly appealed to the government to release them from debt by the Market Intervention scheme this year also. They are worried that they have a bumper crop of apples and with lack of demand in the markets they are waiting for the government to intervene and save them from getting into the debt trap.

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