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SC has shown itself in poor light by not choosing Justice Akil for the Apex court, Prof Soz

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Former Union minister and senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz on Monday alleged that Supreme Court (SC) has shown itself in a poor light when its collegiums excluded Justice Akil Kurashi from the list of judges chosen for the Apex Court.
The general run of people in India, including a vast majority of judges and advocates in the country have seen this decision as a great injustice to Justice Kurhashi, who is known very widely in the country for his integrity and acumen in law, Prof Soz said in a statement here this afternoon.
He alleged that the Supreme Court has acted in tandem with the Central Government, deliberately, as it knew that one of the most important members of the Union Cabinet would feel uncomfortable with Justice Kurashi’s appointment.
“Knowledgeable people in India’s Judicial System feel that Union Government will face tremendous criticism for its impropriety, in the days to come”, the Congress leader said.

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