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In the past several months, the central government has amended or has brought new laws especially for the better Governance & Administrative Reforms.

The administration by these reforms is trying to make the delivery system of governance for a common man available at his doorstep. In this direction the government has by the system of panchayats helped the youth in the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir and even for their health facilities these panchayats are playing a key role.

Recently Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha addressed the valedictory session of International Symposium on “Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh: Development Dynamics and Future Trajectories”.

Sharing Jammu and Kashmir’s journey towards development and prosperity, he observed that J&K’s development and growth model revolves around 4 P’s – Peace, Progress, Prosperity, and People-First.

J&K is an example of immortal organic composite Indian culture. The sense of cohesion that we see today is significantly contributing to equitable opportunity and strengthening integrated, accountable, and transparent governance.

Despite the country emerging as the fastest growing economy, developmental speed and spread in J&K were hindered through artificial barriers. The three dimensions of sustainable development – economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion- were completely missing. Regional aspirations were neglected and accumulation of growth happened at the hands of a few.

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