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Director SKIMS appeal to take precautions as Covid is around us

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By: Mudasir Khan VOV


Director SKIMS Dr. A.G Ahangar has said that people are not taking the sops and are not sticking to covid appropriate behavior and it can result in a lethal possible third wave.

While talking to this reporter at his office chambers in SKIMS he said that in the market places and also in the hospitals people are not taking the required precautions like wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

He has appealed to people of Kashmir to take all the precautions while they move out of their homes as the delta variant is very much dangerous and can result in a possible third wave of covid-19.

Dr. Ahanger said that Kashmir valley especially the Srinagar city has a lot of travelers and also the tourists come here with the result the delta variant virus can easily come here and infect people.

He said that not only the people should go for testing if they have any of the symptoms but they should also start taking it seriously and should understand that the covid-19 virus is very much hovering over our heads.

When asked what is the remedy to the people to save themselves from the delta variant he said that vaccination is the only key to save themselves from the possible infection.

He has appealed to people that they should take the threat seriously and should take all the precautions like wearing masks and other sops declared by the government for the common people to save themselves from the covid-19 infection.

“Vaccination, vaccination and only vaccination can save the people from covid-19 and it is my appeal to all the people who are hesitant to go for the vaccination to come forward and get themselves vaccinated to save not only their live but also the other human lives in Kashmir”  is the message given by Direction SKIMS to the people of Kashmir valley especially the residents of Srinagar city.

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