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Restrictions in civil lines area create traffic jams in rest of the city

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By: Shayib Bhat VOV


Due to the restrictions in the civil lines areas of Srinagar on Tuesday the traffic was diverted to the different routes of the city resulting in frequent traffic jams.

Pic by Mudasir Khan VOV

There was a lot of traffic jam in the Karan Nagar area right from the morning because the traffic was diverted through that route. Many people in their private vehicles had to remain on the roads for a lot of time moving in circles as they were not allowed to go to their destinations and had to go through the diverted routes.

The protests by the youth to bring out the Muharram procession also added to the traffic jams as the police were seen chasing the youth in the different areas of Srinagar city.

Pic by Mudasir Khan VOV

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