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Panchs protest against BDO for not taking action

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


Dozens of elected panchs in the Khansahab block have staged a protest and were leveling allegations against the block development officer for trying to cover up the corruption cases in his block.

Panchs alleges that even for the public works the officials of the government in the block were demanding bribes from them also. They have leveled serious charges of corruption not only against the BDO but also against the Sarpanchs and have said that they were together responsible for blocking the works for the public good in the villages.

According to KNT, while reporting a protest of panchs from Khansahab,the protesting Panchs alleged that they are being demanded bribes during the allotment of the works. They said Sarpanches in the Block Khansahab area hand in glove with Block Officers and distribute works among their friends and relatives without following prescribed norms.

One of the protesting Panchs said that they took up the issue several times with BDO Khansahab but he didn’t initiate action against the corrupt elements.

“To get any work done even that may be in public interest, you have to pass through a hierarchy which these officers have set up,” the protesters said, adding from Sarpanch to VLW to JE to BDO nobody listens to them.

They threatened to resign en-masse if corruption is not curbed in the Block.

With inputs from KNT

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