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Responsive administration

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LG Manoj Sinha in recent high level meetings of his administration has asked his officers to be responsive to the needs of the people and also intervene wherever it is necessary so that people have a visible feel of the government.

In this direction recently he held the meeting with his officers regarding the possible third wave of covid-19 in Jammu and Kashmir.

He asked the health department to focus on the testing and also the vaccination programme as they are the main tools to stop the infection and take human lives.

He said that focus shall be on timely inoculation of 2nd dose, ensuring 100% coverage of 18-44 age groups.

He directed for scaling up surveillance activities, mobilizing joint teams for effective enforcement on the ground so that people are made to behave when they come out from their homes.

The government has been imposing a fine on all those people who are not adhering to the covid appropriate behavior like not wearing the masks and not maintaining the social distance.

During the recent meeting on the covid-19 infection LG Manoj Sinha directed all the district heads of civil and police administration to ensure that no congregation takes place with more than 25 people.

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