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Responsibility of public

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It is the sole responsibility of the public to inform their families about the dangers of not adhering to the covid appropriate behavior as it can not only disrupt the life again in Jammu and Kashmir but can also consume many human lives.

It has been observed in the recent that during the marriage gathering and other social events, people are not behaving responsibly and are violating the norms set by the government.

Such irresponsible behavior by the people can lead to a possible third wave of covid and if the people behave responsibly there is every chance we can save ourselves from the infection of covid-19.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir is keeping a close watch over the situation especially regarding the public health system being ready to take any wave of covid-19 in future.

In this direction recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir chaired a meeting to review public health response to COVID-19 and directed the rollout of a dedicated IEC campaign for awareness generation towards prevention of subsequent COVID waves in Jammu and Kashmir.

He observed that the number of COVID cases in the Union territory has stagnated around 130 per day over a fortnight, despite ongoing efforts of the Health & Medical Education Department to further lower it. He attributed absence of COVID Appropriate Behavior (CAB) as the primary cause for such stagnation.

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