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Kashmir Haat

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Despite the pandemic and other disruptions in life of common people in Jammu and Kashmir the government is trying to intervene by different schemes to make the life of people better.

Artisans and their families have suffered a lot in the past few decades due to the situation prevailing here and the result has been very depressing for the handicraft and handloom sectors.

In order to provide the necessary focus and attention to the artisans and handicrafts LG Manoj Sinha recently inaugurated a 15 day Mela in the Kashmir Haat to give the necessary life to the handicrafts.

He said that his government will try to make the life of artisans better with the interventions of many schemes. Before the inauguration of Mela the authorities had revamped Kashmir Haat to provide the best ambience to people, tourists for crafts, food and cultural activities.

During this Mela people can explore the mystical world of Kashmiri art and savor the unique flavours of delightful local cuisines.

Similar Haat in Jammu soon to showcase rich, varied handicraft tradition of the region of Jammu as on Kashmir pattern. If such activities are continued both in Jammu and Kashmir it would not only be a good beginning for the artisans but also it can be the means to introduce the art and culture along with cuisines in both the regions.

Government is determined to provide new markets, creating sustainable livelihood for local artisans; preserving the rich cultural heritage of J&K and in this direction work is going on in many projects.

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