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Demands of Ladakh

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People of Leh were happy when the government of India decided to carve out separate union territory of Ladakh from the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

After a few months people of Ladakh realized that they now want safeguards for the jobs for their land and for the preservation of their culture and all the political organizations along with religious organizations of Ladakh region decided to go to New Delhi with the united voice for such demands.

They were assured by the BJP government that all the apprehensions in their minds would be taken care of but now there is a fresh demand of the legislature to the UT of Ladakh.

These demands have intensified in the recent past after the BJP government decided to open talks with the leadership of Jammu and Kashmir at the level of Prime Minister.

People of Ladakh want some safeguards and have demanded a special schedule of constitution so that there is safeguard to their jobs and to their land along with their culture and environment.

After the talks with Jammu and Kashmir leadership the central government will be facing the collective leadership of Ladakh who are also demanding these safeguards along with the legislature for the union territory.

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