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Community participation

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The focus of the Jammu and Kashmir administration in the second wave of pandemic has been community participation and without the proper response from the common people it is impossible for the government to implement any of their policy making decisions on the ground.

During the second wave of pandemic, after the testing randomly found that the infection had reached at village level, the government immediately responded by trying to strengthen the health care system at the village level and responded by releasing funds for the panchayats to tackle the infection.

This policy making decision of the Jammu and Kashmir government has not only flatten the curve to great extent at the village level but has also helped to lessen the burden on the city hospitals as the covid care centers at the village level helped the covid positive patients to get the treatment and isolation at their own place rather than coming to the hospitals in Srinagar and Jammu.

Community participation is must for any government program to get success at the ground level especially in Jammu and Kashmir. The response to the covid care centers at the panchayat levels has been good and many patients got cured in these centers and did not visit the covid care hospitals.

After the establishment of covid care centers there has been very less burden on the covid care hospitals in Srinagar and Jammu. The participation of the general public in the government programs will be a game changer for all schemes to meet success at the ground level.

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