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Adhering to sops

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After the month-long curfew, the government of Jammu and Kashmir in order to address the suffering of those people who earn on a daily basis decided to unlock the union territory despite a good number of daily cases of covid-19 infection.

While including in a phased manner, the JK administration has appealed people for the covid appropriate behavior and has also asked the society at large to adhere to the sops in order to make possible that life also moves and people could earn their livelihood.

Kashmir has been badly hit in the past several years by the clampdowns and lockdowns and the economy is already at the ebb. In such circumstances, another curfew spell of four weeks has further made vulnerable all those sections of the society who were badly hit by such restrictions on life earlier.

Kashmir is witnessing one of the worst economic phases as the economy is really down and the people in most parts are either being under debt or finding it difficult to carry on their daily life without the financial  help of NGOs.

The local Masjid committees and many local NGOs have been playing a great role for the vulnerable sections of the society in Kashmir valley and have been able to sustain many families who could have otherwise starved due to the lack of any financial support.

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