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Verify medicine suggested on Internet from a qualified physician: Dr Syed Mudasir Qadri

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Says unqualified quacks may prescribe medicine and cure on Social Media platforms

Hesitancy in disclosing covid infection may cause severe complications later

SRINAGAR, MAY 29: “Corona positive cases are coming down and the curve has started to  flatten which implies that Kashmir has been successful to a great extent in controlling the Covid-19 disease”, said Dr Syed Mudasir Qadri, Associate Professor, Internal and Pulmonary Medicine, SKIMS, Soura.

However, he said that the  present phase is very critical and any complacency at this juncture may deflate out success, which according to him may become the cause for third wave of pandemic.

He appreciated Government for all the measures which were taken to prevent spread of virus including lockdown and implementation of Covid appropriate behavior to protect human lives.

Dr Mudasir Qadri said people need to adopt covid appropriate life style and take timely action against Covid infection  to remain safe and to avoid later complications.

He advised people to acknowledge infection  immediately as symptoms start appearing and not to shy away in reporting  infection. Hiding infection may cause serious complications and prove life threatening at times, he warned.

Besides, he suggested to consult a doctor immediately if symptoms are noticed by a person so that timely medication can help in treatment and recovery. Other measures he said that will help to keep a watch on the infection is to measure oxygen level on routine basis, adding that if saturation percentage falls below 94, than the infection may well have affected pulmonary system of the individual. In such a situation patient needs hospitalization for further treatment, he advised.

Dr  Qadri also cautioned people regarding the medicine prescribed on Internet and Social Media by unknown persons. He asked public to verify any medicine, suggested on social media by some unqualified individuals and quacks, and instead approach a competent and qualified physician in this regard.

Moreover, Dr Qadri stated that vaccination is the strongest weapon against covid and advised to get vaccinated,  giving it priority over everything.

While speaking about the future measures to be taken after easing of lock down, he said that as  the positive  corona cases are significantly diminishing each day and death cases are also coming down , there may be bright chances of easing of lockdown but added it should be done in a controlled way. He said that opening of schools in future should be done in a phased manner and number of students in a class shall also have to be limited each day.

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