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DAK says any fungal infection can be fatal in the covid positive cases

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


The Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK)   has cautioned people to remain vigilant so that they are not caught unaware in the post covid complications.

While the government declared black fungus as epidemic, DAK has said that even the white fungus has been detected in many covid positive cases after they recovered from covid-19 and it has been found equally deadly like black fungus.

In a statement DAK said, “White fungus could be just as fatal as black fungus in Covid-19 patients”.

Quoting a study of 186 Covid-19 patients who had Aspergillosis, he said more than 50 percent of them died and one-third of these deaths were linked to the Aspergillus fungus.

DAK said Aspergillus is ubiquitous and is found in soil, air and rotting food.

“Despite being common in the environment, it usually does not cause infection in healthy individuals,” DAK said.

“When the body’s defenses get weakened, the fungus gets a chance to infect with devastating results,” DAK added.

DAK said Covid depletes immune cells leaving patients vulnerable to opportunistic fungal infection.

“The virus damages the cells lining the lung that impairs the organ’s ability to clear out the respiratory pathogens like Aspergillus,” DAK said.

The DAK said the drugs that are used to treat Covid-19 heighten the risk of Aspergillus infection.

“Use of steroids leaves door open for the fungal infection in Covid-19 patients,” DAK said.

“After inhaling fungus from the air, the fungal infection goes to the lungs and causes pneumonia,” DAK said.

“The symptoms of Aspergillosis include fever, cough and shortness of breath that are similar to Covid-19 which means healthcare professionals don’t think of the diagnosis and many patients may be dying undiagnosed,” DAK said.

“A high degree of suspicion should be there for the doctors treating Covid-19 patients because early detection and treatment with antifungal drugs holds the key,” said DAK.

“Recently, in The Lancet, an international group of physicians and medical mycology societies laid down recommendations for diagnosing Aspergillus infections in COVID-19 patients, including doing lung imaging scans and taking samples from the lungs at regular interval for testing. The guidelines will help doctors treating Covid-19 patients know whether they’re battling one deadly pathogen, or two,” DAK added.

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