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Additional bed capacity

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In order to increase the bed capacity not only in covid designated hospitals but also the additional bed capacity to cater to the need of growing pandemic patients, LG Manoj Sinha has directed the administration to keep ready additional 1050 beds with oxygen support within a week in Kashmir Division.

Increased bed capacity with oxygen will substantially improve health infrastructure, help out patients in the hour of crisis, is the feeling of people, experts and the government.

In order to further strengthen Covid-19 facilities , Manoj Sinha on recently  directed the Senior Doctors, Health Officials and CMOs to increase additional 1050 oxygen beds in Kashmir division to ensure immediate treatment for the people requiring hospitalization.

There is already a crisis like situation in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir as dozens of patients go back to their homes despite they need hospitalization especially for the falling levels of oxygen.

The crisis is now visible and the government must intervene as soon as possible before the crisis becomes deeper and will seek more emergency responses further.

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