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Precaution is better than cure

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There is an old age adage that precaution is better than cure and it is still fit to the present circumstances amid the massive second covid wave.

In Jammu and Kashmir with each passing day there is a steep rise in the cases and Srinagar city is witnessing more than thousand cases on a daily basis.

The authorities, NGOs and social organizations have been very active in informing and educating the common people about the usage of double face masks, maintaining social distance and coming out of their homes only for emergencies.

So far in this second wave most experts have asked people to stay indoors if possible and those who come out have been advised to take all the precautionary measures prescribed by the health authorities to avoid this infection.

Recently in a high level meeting Lt. Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha appreciated the role of NGO’s and volunteers for their selflessness and dedicated service towards the public.

He appealed to them to renew their commitment and determination in complementing the Government’s efforts to speed up the vaccination drive and tackle the challenges of Covid pandemic.

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