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Heavy impact

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With daily covid-19 case load crossing 3000 mark, Jammu and Kashmir is showing a steep rise of covid positive cases and the people are getting infected by this virus at an alarming speed.

The most disturbing aspect of covid-19 second wave is the number of deaths in the hospitals due to this deadly viral infection. Each day dozens of bodies are being dispatched to different areas of Jammu and Kashmir by the hospital authorities as they succumbed to this deadly virus.

Government is also trying to flatten the curve and have devised many methods to put curbs on daily life. Recently UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir imposed a 34 hour long weekend curfew to keep people indoors.

Similarly the district administration of Srinagar has imposed section 144 as this summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing the main thrust of infection.

Wearing masks, regulating the trade and shopping malls, and thinning of transport are some of the measures taken by the JK administration and they have also enhanced the bed capacity of all the hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir.

Are we prepared to meet the challenge is the big question before the government? Have they taken enough measures to fill the gap as Jammu and Kashmir is already showing the signs of a crumbling health care system with a heavy rush of patients.

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