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New hope

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The recent informal engagement between India and Pakistan has developed new hopes among the people of Jammu and Kashmir that there would be an end to the dark tunnel of uncertainty.

For more than seventy years India and Pakistan have seen each other with suspicion and Pakistan army chief recently said that they should bury the past and move forward.

Latest international media reports while talking about the fresh thaw in the relations have said that the two countries were inching towards a formal dialogue with Islamabad waiting that New Delhi should take some positive steps especially in Kashmir.

They have been talking to each other in an informal manner and the third country UAE has tried its best to bring the two neighbours to the negotiating table.

International media reports have claimed that Pakistan is waiting for India to take some steps on Kashmir so that they can take the informal level of dialogue to the next step of formal engagement.

Pakistan recently decided not to import sugar and cotton from India though they could have got these items at a cheaper rate, waiting that the other side should take some positive steps before these two neighbours can do trade and talk about mutual benefits in future.

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