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DAK appeals recovered covid-19 patients to go for vaccination

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By: Shayib Bhat VOV


While most of the recovered covid-19 patients feel that they have developed antibodies and need not to go for vaccination, DAK has busted the myth.

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Monday said that the persons who tested positive should only wait for two weeks after recovery for a jab.

In a statement the DAK President said, “If you already had the virus and recovered, you still need to get vaccinated”.

“Those who have contracted the disease should get inoculated 2 weeks after their recovery,” DAK said.

“Earlier, individuals who tested positive for the virus required to wait for 3 months between recovery and vaccination. However, that has now changed.”

“Under the new guidelines, Covid-19 patients only need to wait for 2 weeks to get the shot,” he said.

He said people who recover from Covid-19 are getting infected with the virus again.

“We were under the impression that if a person gets infected with the virus, he/she will develop antibodies and will not get the disease again,” DAK President said.

“But, many people who recover from Covid-19 do not develop antibodies,” he said adding “even those who mount adequate antibody response, their antibodies fade within a few months time and they become susceptible again.”

“Some have second bout of Covid-19 as soon as one month after their first infection and some people have been hospitalized and even died,” Dr Hassan said.

“And, the new variants put the recovered patients at risk of reinfections,” he said.

“People who have got recovered from Covid could get infected with a mutated strain of the novel coronavirus.”

“Natural immunity from the infection is simply far too unreliable in the face of such a devastating virus,” Dr Nisar said.

He said vaccine generates much stronger and more consistent immunity than the natural infection.

“There is evidence that vaccine induced immunity lasts much longer than immunity built by contracting the virus.”

“Vaccines have been found to be effective against the variants too,” he added.

“A new study showed that vaccination after infection produced six times more antibodies than a vaccine by itself. That means administering vaccine to recovered persons will further strengthen their immune response and make them well protected,” said Dr Hassan.

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