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Testing facilities

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On Srinagar airport authorities had right from the start of the covid wave established testing facility and now travelers are testing positive in hundreds forcing the government to establish such facilities of testing for the travelers even who come by road.

In this connection the government has decided to test the coming travelers and tourists to Kashmir valley by establishing testing facilities at Lower Munda for those coming to Kashmir by road.

But people have questioned the wisdom of the government to go for the testing so late for the travelers and tourists who travel by road as thousands of them have already entered Kashmir valley and could be a source of infection for thousands of people.

Government should have acted fast while the second was showing its presence in Kashmir valley and should have established a testing facility for the travelers by road while they were testing the travelers who are coming by air.

Now the government has also decided to declare many localities as micro containment zones in order to avoid the spread of infection but already, the number of the covid positive cases are showing that the government is acting late to this fresh crisis.

In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the public also to adhere to the norms and avoid unnecessary contacts and going to the social gatherings so that the second wave could be curbed by public support.

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