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Frontline workers

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With the spread of covid-19 infection in this second wave the role of frontline workers in the health department has come again in the focus. Recently media reports were very disturbing about the spread of infection as on the daily basis hundreds of positive cases are being reported and Kashmir valley has a huge surge among the cases.

Government has recently decided to disengage all those contractual frontline workers who were employed mostly in the covid designated hospitals during the first wave of infection.

The people have questioned the wisdom of Directorate of Health Services to disengage these employees at such a stage when covid19 infection has raised its ugly head in a huge way in entire Jammu and Kashmir.

The Directorate of Health Services Kashmir should rethink their decision as they need these health workers because they have gained enough experience in the past one year of how to deal with covid positive cases.

Instead of going for such harsh action, the government should have rewarded these frontline workers as even being purely on contract without enjoying any perks of government employees; they played with their lives and saved many human beings who were hospitalized in serious conditions.



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