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Two families of Fateh Kadal without any shelter after the fire incident

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By: Shayib Bhat VOV


Due to the sudden fire incident, two families have lost everything at Namachbal Fateh Kadal as their houses were reduced to ashes in this devastating incident.

These two families are now without any shelter and have been reduced to live in the open air with no facilities. The locals of the area have appealed to people to help the victim families and allow them to rebuild their houses and live with dignity.

In a tragic incident on Wednesday evening, these families could not save anything as the fire engulfed their houses though the locals tried their best to save their belongings. When the fire tenders came even they could not do anything and the final result of the incident was that these two families have come in open without any help from any quarter including the government.

The locality of Namachbal Fateh Kadal has been busy to at least give this family some relief so that they can restart their life however, they have appealed people to donate and have given the bank account numbers also on the social media so that directly funds can be transferred to the victims

The locals have also appealed to district authorities of Srinagar to visit the spot and help these two families with some financial support so that they can be rehabilitated under some government scheme.


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