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Re-registration of outside vehicles in Jammu and Kashmir anti-people says KTA

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


The Kashmir Trade Alliance members on Wednesday, protested against a recent order by RTO Srinagar asking the people who are the owners of vehicles from the outside of Jammu and Kashmir to re-register vehicles. They called the government order for such registration as anti-people and asked the administration to roll back this order.

KTA said that such anti-people orders from the administration show that the government has no sympathy with the common people in Kashmir and want to extract money from them under one or other pretext.

Meanwhile KNO news agency while covering the protest of the traders said in its report Kashmir Trade Alliance members led by Ajaz Shahdhar demanded exemption from what they called as “double taxation” of vehicles purchased outside Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that the authorities must revoke this arbitrary order as this was total injustice with the vehicle owners and also with the dealers as they now have to pay the tax amount twice at the rate of 9 per cent.

“A customer buys a vehicle and at the time of buying the vehicle he pays tax amount at the rate of 9 per cent for lifetime. Then after owning the vehicle for around 8 years, he sells the vehicle to another person. That same vehicle is bought to Kashmir, however, the first owner has already paid the tax at 9 per cent for lifetime, now what RTO Kashmir is asking that they must re-register the vehicles bought outside J-K and pay the tax at the rate of 9 per cent one more time, which is total injustice,” he said.


He said that how can they pay the tax again when it is already paid by the first owner of the vehicle and they have already been paying the nominal charges, which was the norm.

“We demand that double taxation be exempted and only nominal rates should be charged for the vehicles bought outside for re-registration here,” he said.

With inputs from KNO


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