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Diplomacy back

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There have been several steps taken by India and Pakistan showing a visible shift in their earlier stands over the issue confronting them. After two years for the first year Indus water commission meeting was held at New Delhi by the Pakistani delegates.

It all began when both the countries decided to issue a joint statement of the DGMO’s declaring a fresh ceasefire on the borders. It was followed by a lot of diplomatic developments including statements from the external affairs ministry saying that they are ready to have peaceful and neighborly relations with Pakistan.

In response to such statements, recently a Pakistani diplomat was quoted as saying that India and Pakistan should resolve all bilateral issues, especially that of Jammu and Kashmir, through dialogue for durable peace and stability in the region.

In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of Pakistan Day celebrations at the Pakistan High Commission here, Aftab Hasan Khan, Charges D”Affaires of the mission, said, “On this occasion, I would…like to emphasize that peace and stability in this region is essential for development of all the countries.”

Pakistan would like to have good neighborly relations with all its neighbors, especially India; he was quoted in the media saying so. If all goes well it seems that India and Pakistan have already moved a lot in the recent months and have tried to plug all such loop holes which have been derailing the dialogue process in the past.


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