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Submerging of localities

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The current spell of heavy rains has resulted in water logging in a number of localities of Srinagar city especially in the low lying areas and the authorities have failed to drain out these waters resulting in a lot of difficulties to the people who are living in these localities.

Recently SMC higher ups have said that they have not the required number of pumps available to pump out waters from the low lying areas and said that with the result it takes them time to drain out the water from such localities.

Heavy rains continued to lash Kashmir on the second consecutive day with the Meteorological Department predicting more rains in the month of March.

The rains and such inclement weather activities add to the problems of common people in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir. Heavy rains have already resulted in landslides on Srinagar-Jammu highway and the authorities have been forced to close down this life link to the Kashmir valley.

With inclement weather persisting, the authorities have said that as a precautionary measure they will not allow the vehicular traffic to ply on this highway.

It means that due to the closure of highway hundreds of truck loads with essential commodities will not reach Srinagar in the coming days and it will result in scarcity of these items in the market so Kashmir.


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