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New beginning

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There are certainly fresh straws of hope in the air of the subcontinent as India and Pakistan after a deep freeze in the situation are showing the signs of living as real neighbors to prosper together.

People of Jammu and Kashmir are happy with the development as the entire situation which has unfolded due to the cross border skirmishes and other such developments is having a direct impact on the lives of common people here.

The economic potential of Jammu and Kashmir has been hostage to the hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad and the people here suffered enough due to such a situation.

Mainstream political parties and separatists in Kashmir, are watching the situation in disbelief as New Delhi and Islamabad are showing signs of a possible “agreement” in future, according to the media reports.

According to these reports India and Pakistan are moving on the path of friendship very fast and very accurately and have learnt lessons from the earlier efforts when all such efforts went wrong and only made the situation worse on the ground.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to twitter to wish speedy recovery for Imran Khan who is suffering from Covid-19 virus. This tweet is talking a lot to understand where the relationship is going and how the movers and shakers of this new bonhomie have worked seriously for the talks to bear fruit.


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