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There has been a nice and surprising development for the people of Jammu and Kashmir as both New Delhi and Islamabad have toned down their rhetoric of hostility and a talking peace.

Recently Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa said that peace between India and Pakistan would help unlock the potential of South and Central Asia, allow the common people to move forward in their lives as he said, “bury the past and move forward”.

General Bajwa was addressing a session of the first-ever Islamabad Security Dialogue in Islamabad where he said that the potential for regional peace and development always remained hostage to the disputes and issues between Pakistan and India – the two “nuclear-armed neighbours”.

He said that time has come for both the countries to realize their potential and cut down the expenses on their defense budgets and allow people to have peace in the region.

Earlier New Delhi was always saying that unless the Pakistan Army Chief does not endorse any peace process it was futile to talk to Pakistan on the issue between the two countries. However, the Army Chief of Pakistan said that responsibility for a meaningful dialogue rested with India.

Recently New Delhi said that it desires normal neighbourly relations with Pakistan in an environment free of terror, hostility and violence. India has said the onus is on Pakistan to create an environment free of terror and hostility.



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