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Self reliance

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In order to provide the society especially the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir more and more schemes for the enhancement of agriculture and horticulture government of Jammu and Kashmir has not only launched the schemes but also are focusing on Kisan Mela so that they understand the latest trends of markets about their products.

There is no doubt that farmers of Jammu and Kashmir have huge potential for becoming Agri-entrepreneurs and they need the support and schemes of the government to achieve this goal.

Unless the farmers are not self reliant they cannot provide Self-sufficient Agriculture and in this direction the administration of Jammu and Kashmir will have to work on the ground as such goals cannot be achieved without physical verification of targets.

Recently in the Kisan Mela, the government focused on demonstration of the innovative technologies developed by the university to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability in Jammu and Kashmir.

But the efforts of the government should not stop at organizing only the events but the technology should be transferred to the farms so that an average farmer is benefited and he understands the importance of latest technologies and also about the market trends and how to market their products from the farm to the rest of the country.


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