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Iconic bridge

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The world’s highest bridge is a real construction milestone for Northern Railways who have completed this feat with the help of its engineers and workers.

Union railways minister recently took to twitter to announce this historic moment for the people. He said in his tweet, “In a historic moment, the arch bottom of the Chenab Bridge has been completed today. Next, the arch upper of the engineering marvel in making will be completed”.

He also shared the video of this bridge and has announced that it will become the world’s highest railway bridge.

Many media reports have said that while completing this bridge there were grave challenges and life-threatening hazards posed by rough terrain and geological thrust zones. These reports in the recent past have reported how the engineers and workers have faced all odds to complete the construction.

Engineers and workers are toiling overtime to meet the last extended deadline set for completion of the world’s highest railway bridge connecting Kashmir with the rest of the country and it has been the main bottleneck to complete the railway line between Jammu and Kashmir.


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