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Tourism not growing

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After the initial healthy footfall of tourists to Kashmir valley, there is not much being talked by the stakeholders about the current season as it has many factors that can stall the current season of tourism in Kashmir valley.

While the government and Kashmir tour operators are organizing road shows and other promotional campaigns across the country to get tourists back, rising violence and increase in covid cases is hovering on the prospects of a good tourist season here.

These fears are becoming real with each passing day and the authorities are trying to erase these fears by the remedial measures being taken on the ground.

The vaccination against the covid-19 is already being done according to the priorities in the society and Kashmir valley is witnessing a healthy turn out of the aged people to get them vaccinated against covid-19.

In the past few days there has been a spike in covid-19 cases as dozens of travelers have tested positive and it has alarmed the tourism industry here.

The spike in the cases is showing a lot of impact even from the outside as the cities in South India have come under virtual lockdown and it has impacted the industry to great extent.

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