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After the meet

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Recently Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha assured the district development councils (DDCs) that all their genuine demands would be met and the grass-level democracy will be strengthened in the JK.

This assurance has come after the recent controversy, created by the government order in which the members said that they have been humiliated and their powers have been curtailed by the bureaucracy.

DDC members not only protested in open but they also threatened to go for agitation if their demands were not met including the status they are demanding from the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

On the assurances of Manoj Sinha, they have called off their protests till there is some visible change in the attitude of bureaucracy and in the recent order.

These DDC members have told media that before the elections the central government was claiming that it is the replacement for the mainstream political parties and their misrule in Jammu and Kashmir but the bureaucracy by the order has shown that they are not giving to see the grass root democracy to flourish as they want to keep the powers with themselves.

The DDC members are now waiting for the assurances of Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha to be translated into reality as he has told them that he will see to it that these councils get all the powers and they start work at the village level for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


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