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EU diplomat talks

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European Union (EU) Ambassador to India has recently said that people of Kashmir valley are looking for an early election and also talked about the freedom of expression to be more visible in Kashmir valley.

He has been quoted in the media saying that they have interacted with a number of representatives of civil societies, many interlocutors and what they have heard is the expectation of further steps to be taken leading to a social, economical, political sphere, including the expectation for the organization of the state legislative assembly.

Astuto also said during the visit, he noted the ongoing “developments” in Kashmir and hailed the restoration of 4G connectivity there. He has praised the government for the lifting of communication blockade and has described it as a good step. But he has also talked about the keenness of people to get their representative elected, while talking about the grass root democracy to be reinforced and nourished in Kashmir.

These expressions by European Union Ambassador have shown that these envoys after the visit have gone with multi layered expressions about the ground realities of Kashmir valley. So the restoration of statehood and the elections to the assembly would be watched from a distance by many countries through their diplomats.


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