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Mutton crisis continues while people are being fleeced by butchers

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By: Shayib Bhat VOV


Authorities recently asked the butchers in Kashmir valley to open their shops and end the mutton crisis. They continued to keep the shortage going as they get exorbitant rates for the mutton at their homes.

In Srinagar city many residents said that even the police were allegedly not raiding the houses of butchers even after complaints by the people that they were selling the mutton at 650 per Kilogram.

People of Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir have appealed to the government many times either to give them alternate government run outlets of mutton to defeat the designs of wholesalers or solve the problem by bringing them on table.

Government in the past few months has been claiming that they have sent teams to the different mutton mandees in order to ascertain the rates for the final rate list, but in reality, the crisis continues while the common people are suffering.

“We are forced to buy the mutton at Rs 650 per Kilogram by the government as they are taking neither action against them nor they are solving the problem and setting the rates for the mutton in Kashmir valley” said Nazir Ahmad Dar of Nowpora to this newspaper.


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