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Properties under scan

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Recently Enforcement Directorate has attached properties worth crores belonging to Farooq Abdullah in Srinagar and Jammu alleging that he has done money laundering while being the head of Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association.

According to party MP Hasnain Masoodi, the properties were either ancestral or acquired before the alleged offence took place and were therefore not involved in any money-laundering or related criminal activity, while the party National Conference has gone to Jammu and Kashmir high court challenging the attaching of properties by Enforcement Directorate.

Farooq Abdullah while challenging the act of Enforcement Directorate in high court has raised the validity of the Enforcement Directorate in the case. He said in his petition that on the date of the registration of the ECIR (Enforcement Commission Information Report) and the initiation of investigation, the state of Jammu and Kashmir was governed by the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, 1956, and had special status under Article 370 of the Constitution of India.

He said the Enforcement Directorate registered the case on December 28, 2018, under the Ranbir Penal Code (the Indian Penal Code’s substitute in the erstwhile state) without ascertaining whether it had any jurisdiction to do so. So he in his petition even challenged the jurisdiction of the Enforcement Directorate for the registration of the case.


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