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Jammu chamber speaks

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After supporting many moves of the government in the past the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Jammu recently said property tax is not acceptable and it would oppose it tooth and nail.

The development has come as Jammu chamber was expecting a huge financial package from the central government as they have suffered losses in every sector of life in the past 18 months as Jammu and Kashmir witnessed a complete disruption of life first by clampdown post August 5, 2019, followed by lockdown for months together against the pandemic.

Instead understanding the ground realities prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir due to the economic crisis, JK administration recently ordered that people will have to pay property tax in the entire union territory of Jammu and Kashmir through different municipal committees.

Jammu chambers of commerce and industries in a recent press conference said that people of Jammu region especially the traders were not in a position to pay any taxes to the government not to speak of property tax.

Bringing the focus on the suffering of the people Jammu chamber said that government should not be so incentives to the sufferings of the people and they must understand that the past 18 months have left Jammu region economically crippled and such paralyses continue even today.

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