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Altaf Bukhari says time is not conducive for property tax in Jammu and Kashmir

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By: Tariq Shah VOV


J&K Apni Party president which is being blamed by the opponents to be the B team of BJP has said on Tuesday that the crippled economy of Jammu and Kashmir needs lot of financial support from the central government and there should be no property tax slapped on the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the present circumstances.

Bukhari on Tuesday said that it is not possible for the crippled economy of Kashmir to take shock and aftershocks and the central government should understand the ground realities prevailing here.

Earlier also J&K Apni Party has demanded assembly elections and restoration of statehood as soon as possible even after the Home Minister said on the floor of the house that statehood would be restored at an appropriate time evoking lot of criticism from the opposition parties that BJP was not keeping its promise.

About the holding of elections Altaf Bukhari said that sooner they are held it is better as he feels due to the recent defections of panchayat members and DDC members that it was the right time for his party to go to the election.

About the elections  the Union Government is silent and the BJP unit of Jammu wants some time as they feel that after the DDC elections they need some break to hold back their ground.

Even after the best of campaigning and by bringing the union ministers to Jammu and Kashmir during the DDC elections, BJP could cut little ice both in Jammu and Kashmir regions. Even in their strongholds of Jammu region they did not bid farewell in the elections.

Meanwhile news agencies from Kashmir valley said, “I think whatever is being circulated and said about the Property Tax is not true. I haven’t seen any formal order in this regard. But, yes, at this stage it is not possible for the crippled economy of Kashmir to take shock and aftershocks. People have already suffered heavily. There has been no economic activity since 5 August 2019”, quoting Altaf Bukhari saying on Tuesday.

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