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Flood forecasting

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The central government announced a lot of funds after 2014, floods for the mechanism on the ground to avoid such destruction for the future. It is the same old story of Jammu and Kashmir Centre claimed they have released all funds, bureaucracy complaining money came either late or in a staggered manner, resulting in missing timelines of completions of many projects regarding flood recovery.

Now there is good news for the people of Jammu and Kashmir as the government has finally decided to put in place an impact-based flood forecasting mechanism so that the authorities can move on to minimize the damaging impact of such floods.

Recently Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir joined hands with UK Space Agency’s programme for a collaborative project on Impact Based Flood Forecasting using Earth Observation (EO) based Information, as the government has termed the project as the next step of flood forecasting services.

Having impact-based forecasts of flood risk will be useful for efficient, effective contingency planning and swift evaluation of severity for necessary response has been the official response to such a step.

LG Manoj Sinha international collaboration adds specific value in helping analyses past flood events and identifying relationships between predicted floods and their impact.

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