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The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has been very critical of the present administration in Kashmir valley and has forgotten that when they were the rulers, such problems during the winters were also during their regimes and they used to defend their lack of outreach to the natural calamities.

Having said that, it does not absolve the present administration from its responsibilities towards the common people especially during this harsh winter in Kashmir valley, the National Conference in a recent statement has blasted the present administration and have claimed that they have failed all that fronts to provide any relief to the people as the problems have piled up for the common people after the recent spells of heavy snow.

The National Conference has raised a valid question about the electric supply to the Kashmir valley especially in the current winter. There is no denying the fact that after the heavy snowfall many areas could not get back the electric supply even after weeks especially in the rural areas.

Even in the Srinagar city, many localities plunged to darkness for days together as the government could not provide them any replacement for the damaged transformers due to the inclement weather.

This resulted in many protests especially in the Srinagar city and even after these protests, the administration did not show any prompt response and from many localities the locals told the media that they raised the funds to transport their damaged transformer and also level allegations of corruption.


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