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Will it happen?

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Previous governments have made a lot of industrial policies for Jammu and Kashmir so as to give a flip to the industrial sector here. While the present bureaucrats are blaming the retired bureaucrats for drafting wrong policies for the industrial growth, there is no visible forward movement for the real industrial growth especially in Kashmir valley.

The units according to the government would be established in different sectors like Health, Infrastructure, IT & Technology, Tourism, Renewable Energy, Defence, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Skills Education.

JK government recently said 67 companies are ready to set their business units immediately and rest they will start dialogue with other 300 companies also for investment.

How would the locals benefit from the new industrial policy as the senior most bureaucrats of the department recently told the media that it would be purely prerogative of the owners of industrial units to get the staff of their choice, however they would be told to take locals into consideration.

If the government is ready to give so much land for the rich industrial tycoons, what will they give in return to the people of Jammu and Kashmir?

If they get staff also from outside, what are the benefits for the locals where these industrial units are being established? Hundreds of local units’ holders in Kashmir valley have raised an alarm over the establishment of big industrial units from outside here.

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