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Is it no issue?

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The National Conference has tried to play down the differences within the fold of PAGD and has claimed that the exit of the People’s Conference from this political platform is no issue.

The question is, a platform which has to fight a long battle with New Delhi cannot afford to allow its units to move out of the fold and try to say that it is no question or it has no consequences.

Recently MP of National Conference said that People’s Conference quitting Gupkar Alliance is no setback and indicated that National Conference is not going to introspect on the questions asked by Sajad Lone before leaving the PAGD platform.

He said that the Alliance was formed to fight for getting back rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on democratic principles and anyone leaving has no impact on this goal. But he has forgotten along with his party National Conference that in the long letter to the president of PAGD Farooq Abdullah, Sajad Lone of People’s Conference has mentioned many valid questions.

He has also said that he has only left PAGD but not the principals and the aims and objectives set by the platform to fight the battle for the restoration of article 370.

Unity has strength is an old saying and the National Conference must shed its arrogance and introspect on the reasons why Sajad Lone has left. He has written a lot of reasons for leaving the platform and many of his reasons need introspection and not arrogance from the National Conference.

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