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Challenging task

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Covid-19 pandemic has been not only a challenge at the global level but the treatment of such patients and the risks involved for the health care people were very grave.

First it was a challenging task to admit covid-19 patients and treat them as at the initial stage of this infection there was heavy risk and scare among the doctors and Para-medical staff also.

The bigger challenge was how to get the vaccine ready to combat this infection as the frequent lockdowns have crippled the economy and have added to the problems of lower, middle income groups and poor people.

When the scientists worked hard for making a successful vaccine, the government was already in the process of making a mechanism on the ground to distribute the vaccine.

In this connection UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir held several meetings and kept the chain on the ground level not only to distribute the vaccine but also to start the process of administering the vaccine to the health volunteers.

The vaccination process has started in Jammu and Kashmir and on the first day health volunteers were given the vaccine shots in maximum health facilities of the government.

Even Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha was monitoring the first day of vaccination closely and he expressed his satisfaction that the process has started and there is a lot of hope that this pandemic would no longer be so frightening that it will paralyse the life again.

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