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Frozen Kashmir

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Due to the recent heavy snowfall not only is there a frozen life but also a frozen atmosphere as the temperatures have gone sub zero across Kashmir.

Srinagar city witnessed one of the coldest nights after 25 years. Most of the water bodies including Kashmir Dal Lake in Srinagar got frozen as sub zero temperatures have prevailed from the past few days.

The minus temperatures have added to the problems of common people as many water supplies and drinking water pipes got frozen and have resulted in drinking water shortage for many families.

The minus temperatures have added to the problems for the people who move out in the morning either to go for prayers or to buy essential commodities as the frozen snow has resulted in slippery conditions on the roads.

As the snow clearance operation was not taken on time in the by lanes of Srinagar, it has resulted in freezing of accumulated snow which has added to the problems of the people living in these areas.

Unfortunately there have been some tragic mishaps due to such slippery conditions as many people got injured while walking on these slippery roads.

The sub zero temperatures are also resulting in a lot of elderly people and children getting flu and fever, resulting in multiplying their problems and most of them going to hospital for treatment.

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