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One heavy snowfall in the current season has exposed all the claims of the government that they have taken all necessary precautions and steps to keep highways open during winters.

Even before the snowfall, Srinagar-Jammu highway remains disrupted for days together and there was already shortage of fresh vegetables, fruits and other items which come to Kashmir valley through this lifeline.

Eleven have passed since the heavy snowfall and the authorities could only do one thing for the people of Kashmir they allowed the stranded thousands of trucks on the route of the highway to proceed to their respective destinations.

Most of these truck loads when reached to Srinagar could not go back as the authorities declared that Srinagar-Jammu highway will remain closed for at least five days due to the collapse of the retaining wall in Ramban sector of the national highway.

Now the latest about the status of Srinagar-Jammu highway has been conveyed by traffic authorities it will remain closed for another 10 days, bringing curtains down on any possibilities of opening of this highway in near future.

The snapping of this only surface link between the Kashmir and rest of the world not only multiplies the difficulties of common people but also adds to the problems of those who have been trapped in Kashmir valley or Jammu and could even think of going back to their destinations.

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