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The government of Jammu and Kashmir in its latest order has announced that it will continue with low-speed internet services in the region till January 22.

The latest order, the 140th such order issued since January 14, 2020, says certain restrictions have been placed on the access of high-speed mobile data connectivity to curb uploading and circulation of provocative videos by elements from “within and across the border to create a (false) narrative by running a disinformation campaign.”

But recently Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha said that he has already constituted a committee to examine the issue and told the media in Jammu that very soon high speed internet would be a reality in Jammu and Kashmir.

Will the government finally listen to the student community and to the traders in Jammu and Kashmir who have been suffering because of low speed internet with heavy cost?

While the traders may be compensated by time for their losses due to the low speed internet, the student community is suffering such losses which would not be compensated either by the government or by the time.

In such circumstances the government of Jammu and Kashmir should rethink on their policy of punishing people for the crimes which they have not committed and LG Manoj Sinha should stand by his word and make his efforts for the restoration of the internet here.

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