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Ladakh on map

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Finally union territory of Ladakh got its own meteorological centre and it will serve this region with all the predictions of weather throughout the year.

At 3,500 metres, this meteorological centre is the highest such facility in India. According to the scientific experts it would provide short range (three days,) medium range (12 days) and long- range (one month) forecast for the two districts Leh and Kargil.

The region is unique in terms of weather, climate, culture, topography with extreme temperatures, ranging from minus 40 degrees Celsius in Drass to scanty average precipitation of 10 centimetres annually, which makes the region a distinct cold desert.

Ladakh also experiences various kinds of extreme weather events like cloud bursts, flash floods, glacial lake outbursts, avalanches and drought.

To avert losses due to such weather events in the future, the Centre felt the need to establish a meteorological centre at Leh to strengthen the weather-related early warning system in Ladakh. At 3,500 metres, Meteorological Centre, Leh, will be the highest meteorological centre in India.

The centre will also give weather forecasts about tourist places such as Nubra, Changthang, Pangong Lake, Zanskar, Kargil, Drass, Dha-Baima (Aryan valley), Khalsi.

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